Terms and Conditions

Quotations from TMS are valid for 14 days from the date thereof. Later deviations from the quoted specification may incur extra cost but we will always agree a new price with you before we carry out the additional work or make the changes.
The acceptance of a quote shall be deemed as a contractual agreement between the client and Team Maintenance Services.  

We cannot guarantee to start work immediately but will arrange a date with the client as to when work can commence.
Time of delivery is not of the essence, unless otherwise specified in writing at the time of commissioning the work.

The risk of the services shall pass to the customer upon completion.
The customer shall examine the services immediately upon delivery and shall inform us in writing of any variations from the quotation within 30 days, failing which the customer shall deemed to be satisfied with the services supplied.

Payment for services are 14 days net unless a contractual arrangement is in place and agreed in advance.
Consultancy and Advice:  Our consultancy service and general advice is, by its nature, subjective. It is up to the customer whether to follow our ideas and suggestions. We cannot guarantee any of those ideas and suggestions will benefit your business.

The Company will not be responsible for any damages your business may suffer. The Company makes no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied for services we provide.
The Company disclaims any warranty or merchant-ability or fitness for a particular purpose. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, wrong delivery, and any and all service interruptions caused by The Company and its employees.
The Company reserves the right to revise its policies at any time.
We will endeavour to maintain high service levels at all times. The Company cannot be held liable or responsible for any losses incurred by the customer due to service disruption.

We are more than happy to discuss any questions about our services.